Clean and Pure

Over the last few weeks, we’ve studied rules about being clean, eating what is clean, and rules for hygiene. Reading in Leviticus 22, a priest would be disqualified from taking part in the offering if unclean. Included were those who had a skin disease, had been near a dead body, or touched an unclean creature or person.

Nothing but perfect sacrifices could be offered to God in Old Testament times as a sacrifice for sin. In current times, we can be grateful that Jesus became the ultimate sacrifice to make us clean and pure. There is no need for anguish. Continue your desire to be faithful and find joy in your trust in Christ to make you acceptable before God.

There may be setbacks in life but with God’s help, there are no limitations to what can be accomplished. If there is a setback, remember that because of Jesus we have a clean slate. We can double down and come back at it from a different direction. Don’t let thoughts and actions keep you from coming into God’s presence.

Like the snow that covers the rough ground created from drought and erosion, God’s grace covers the rough spots along our journey.

This day with You Lord, we desire Your presence and we are grateful that You are available. Sometimes our thoughts and actions keep us going down the rough path. As we remember the past and face challenges ahead, we have set this time aside and have invited You into our heart. We trust that You will help us achieve these challenges because grace has covered the rough spots and obstacles for the journey ahead have been cleared. 

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