Love from Above

In previous chapters, the penalties for sin included being cut off from God, from society, and even death. There was punishment for sins like murder, idolatry, and adultery. This day with God, let us take in the discipline from His Word found in Leviticus 20 and get connected to His love from above.

Many offenses during the time of Moses were punishable by death as God’s law restrained people from sin. The law forced those within a society to make the right choices and if they did not, there were penalties; even death. Today, society places penalties on individuals but they are not as harsh. Instead, societies believe being nice and trying to reform individuals is the way to go but is this at the detriment of the innocent?

Today, God still expects perfection and has given A Plan for Us.  Just as God’s people during the time of Moses received an inheritance, today followers of Jesus are also set apart. They may not receive land flowing with milk and honey but do receive other advantageous resources.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ reforms the human heart so that there is more concern for the community and people desire to live honorably. They keep their eyes open and look up to God for direction. They stand tall against those who oppose the Truth. They teach their children well, are concerned for their future, and are good examples or role models for them.

The photo above was taken while at a wedding rehearsal dinner for my niece a few years ago. It’s a picture of a downtown Dallas sky scrapper. Just as a sky scrapper is built on a firm foundation and on hard work, our lives need to be built in the same way.

Day by day, little things become big things and lead to amazing things with God’s help. Take a look at your daily routine. Are there little things that you could tweak or fine-tune? Do you have written goals with daily tasks? Do you pray daily for ideas and the help to achieve them for God’s glory?

This day with You Lord, we believe this day will be amazing because we are connected to Your love from above. We are committed to following the way of Jesus and have the resources You provide including the Holy Spirit to direct our steps. Your Word gives us the design for living so we build our lives to reach Your high standards. Amen


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