Precious Blood of Jesus

Aaron and his sons are additional recipients of God’s communication in Leviticus 17. The Lord gives instructions concerning the killing of animals for food and as a sacrifice. They would bring their animal (ox, lamb, or goat) to the priest at the entrance to the tent of meeting as an offering to the Lord (v. 5).

The blood from the sacrifice would be splashed against the altar of the Lord at the entrance to the tent of meeting and the fat was burned as an aroma pleasing to the Lord (v. 7). The blood may not be eaten but must be drained out and covered with earth because the life of every creature is its blood (v. 14).

The purpose for following these laws was to get back to a right relationship with God and bring glory to His name. Refraining from eating blood showed respect for the sanctity of life since blood is vital in supporting life as it circulates through the body to bring oxygen to all parts.

Because of blood’s importance in supporting life, God choose it as the symbol for atonement in forgiveness of sin. The only way to atone for sin during the time of Moses was through the sacrifice of animals and the splashing of their blood on the altar.

Revealed in this chapter is the relationship of God to His people and why so much importance should be placed in the “precious” blood of Jesus shed upon the Cross. Through His blood, we are justified, redeemed, washed, and sanctified.

One of the hardest things in life is knowing who to listen to. So many people have their own opinion in what way to go but so many people just follow whoever without thinking through where they want to go. Many times, society wants to immediately get to a better place but it’s usually in the wrong direction.

Instead, determine the top priority and set out to swiftly go in the right direction. Be devoted to directions given from God’s Word and during prayer time. Because of Jesus, the Spirit of God is in your heart will give direction to what you should do today and where you want to go tomorrow. Once received, be devoted to carrying out these instructions with focus and initiative until finished.

Lord, You created us to do amazing things for Your glory. Unfortunately, sin got in the way from the very beginning. Over the years, Your people tried to follow the laws You handed down to Moses but there was no way anyone could follow. You sent Your Son as the ultimate sacrifice so we now have an opportunity for Your Spirit to live in our heart. We accept this Way of salvation and are ready for the challenges we face. We are ready for this day and will let Your light shine in what we do and say as we present a picture of Your glory to others. Amen.


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