Build a Life with High Standards

God gave to Moses specific laws and principles because He expects the highest standard of holiness for His people. Being taught is devotion and dedication in order to build a life with high standards. To accomplish this, we need plans, instructions, and the discipline to follow through day by day.

The burnt offering of an animal or bird as instructed in Leviticus 1 expressed devotion and dedication to the Lord. The blood from the slaughtered animal (bull, sheep, goat) was splashed against the sides of the altar at the entrance to the tent of meeting. The blood from a bird (dove, pigeon) was drained out on the side of the altar.

The result of the burnt offering was that a person met God’s high standard and became clean before Him. The animal sacrifice was for atonement of sins as the animal died in place of the sinner. Today, Jesus Christ is God’s Plan for atonement.

As I reflected on today’s passage, it made me think of how a sky scrapper is built. A plan is made with the architects and the engineers. Then the builders start their work by following the detail plan with certain building standards in order for the tall structure to last over time through the extremes of hot summers and cold winters. Below is a photo of a sky scrapper I took while in downtown Dallas.

Day by day, little things become big things and lead to the amazing with Gods help. Take a look at your daily routine. Are there little things you could tweak or fine-tune? As you set goals, document them and constantly develop tasks to make them happen using the ideas and the help of others.

This day with You Lord, give us the discipline to build our life according to Your instructions. Your design for living is found in Your Word and You expect us to follow the plan You have given. Today, we accept Your plan of Jesus being the sacrifice of our sin. Because of this acceptance, we have the power to go higher and higher as we strive to reach new heights. Amen.


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