Rekindle the Passion and Enthusiasm

This day with God, be excited about what you may discover in His Word from 2 Timothy 1:1-14. Today, we read about Paul’s relationship with Timothy. He is a mentor to Timothy who is like a son to Paul and he writes this last letter to Timothy while in prison shortly before his death.

Paul gives some final advice to Timothy. Mainly to use his gift from God to rekindle the passion and enthusiasm for the gospel message even in a time of persecution. Paul was in a Roman prison already suffering for the gospel but tells Timothy to courageously stand firm in the faith and continue to do God’s work in leading the church.

We should do the same and use our God given gifts to rekindle enthusiasm in the gospel around the world. Inspire in others a passion for being faithful to God’s work. Reflect on the joys of the past and be excited for what’s to come about in the future. This day with God will be amazing because of the path laid out before us.

We may have a great cause that we have worked on throughout life but it just hasn’t come to fruition. Maybe there was not enough time or maybe there was a need for more help needed to add more energy or enthusiasm. The good thing is that the work done so far is not in vain. Our ideas and values can be passed on to future generations and they may have the energy and know how to make it happen. Also, new technology may develop in the future that will help make it happen.

This day with You Lord, we pray that we live life to the fullest and get the most out of this day. You have given us a purpose that will add to a brighter future. Your grace gives us a clean slate so we can forget our past. Each day, we are the benefactors of past experience as we learn more and enthusiastically work towards what You want us to be. Amen.

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