Focus on What is Important to God

This day, focus in on what’s important to God. Stick to God’s plan for you and bring Him glory today. Take inspiration from this poem.

Step Ahead

Like the big umpire
Up in the sky
He makes judgment
From way up high.

Are you working His plan
Or dong things on your own;
Taking swings at life
Outside the strike zone!

Reflect on your life,
At essential things
To determine if
You’re taking the right swings.

When you swing at life,
Do it at the instant
When you are called
To what’s important.

Swing hard with visions, dreams,
And what you’ve heard;
From your quiet time
And from God’s Word.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 07-25-2019

The post, “Focus on What is Important to God” is about Micah prophesizing judgment on Samaria and Jerusalem. The people during that time were focused more on what was important to them rather than on what was important to God. This day with God, let us fix our eyes on everything that’s important to Him.

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