Focus on What is Important to God

God is characterized as all powerful in verses 1-7 of Micah 1. As stated in verse 4,

The mountains melt beneath Him
   and the valleys split apart,
 like wax before the fire,
   like water rushing down a slope. 

The word of the Lord comes to Micah and as a prophet he is delivering a vision of God’s judgment on Samaria and Jerusalem because of their sin.

God speaks in various ways like visions, dreams, life’s circumstances, and through other people. In this case, the Word of God is how the message comes to us and as a prophet, Micah delivers to us the need to focus on what is important to God.

I’m reminded of when my daughter played soft ball. Here’s a photo of her batting and the umpire ready to call balls and strikes. Micah in today’s passage is like the umpire calling balls and strikes. As we reflect on our life, we should determine if we are taking our swings at things in the strike zone or on things outside the strike zone.

God’s opinion is the only one that counts so concentrate on what is important to God. When we do, we are swinging at things in the strike zone. When we see what is important to God, we should swing at it as hard as we can. Don’t get down if you swing and miss but keep trying to make solid contact.

Lord, we daily come to You in prayer in humbleness knowing that You control all things. You are the ONE who has the power to melt mountains and split valleys apart.  Help us to focus on what is important to You. We put You first today ahead of our past issues, our current circumstances, and our future worries. We have peace today because of Jesus and this helps us keep our eye on what is important. You will align our heart so we know what matters most to You and can step ahead towards Your plan for our life with a purpose in every step. Amen.


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