The Plan Gives Integrity

Because of my integrity you uphold me and set me in your presence forever. – Psalm 41:12 

The post “Lining Up with the Plan” had some thoughts about the importance of following God’s plan.  We can accept God’s plan for us through His Son which gives us integrity. To do things right, we must set up a good foundation. Living the way Jesus teaches is like building that foundation and building upon that foundation leads to something meaningful and makes an impact.

David faced deceit, gossip, and betrayal and we too can face these same issues. Just remember that God is in control and will not allow your enemies to take advantage of you. Continue to pray and maintain your integrity.  Be honest with yourself and have the attitude of wanting to know where you fall short and what you need to do. Here is a short poem inspired by the song If We’re Honest by Francesca Battistelli:

Let His love heal
The hurts that divide
For mercy is waiting
On the other side
So be honest and set free
And not at a loss
By laying your secrets down
At the foot of the cross. 


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