Lining Up with the Plan

Brought out in Psalms 41 are David’s problems. His past sins were heavy on his heart and He also had the issue with His son Absalom who rebelled against him. Another problem faced by David was his best friend and counselor who betrayed him and shifted his allegiance to Absalom (II Samuel 16:15-23).

So David experienced deceit, gossip, and betrayal. These are human experiences that we can all face in present times. It may be at the place you work at or maybe a business you own and your competitor is spreading false information to harm your business. It could be in a bad relationship and someone is accusing you of something you didn’t do.

Later in the passage, David gains confidence that God will uphold him in verses 11-12:

I know that you are pleased with me,
   For my enemy does not triumph over me.
Because of my integrity you uphold me
   And set me in your presence forever.

Have you ever bought something and you have to put it together without the instructions? When there is a missing part or if things don’t line up, you don’t have a chance. It’s the same with our life plan. If it doesn’t fit with what God wants, it’s not going to work. Make sure your life plan lines up with what God has laid out so you can be assured of a finished product that is meaningful and makes an impact.

We can pray to learn and apply the principles God gives us in the Bible; asking him to search inside our soul and clear out what shouldn’t be there. We can accept God’s plan for us through His Son which gives us the integrity to be in God’s presence.

This day with You Lord, we accept Your plan for us through Your Son. We want to build our lives on a firm foundation. Help us to be honest with ourselves. To desire the attitude of wanting to know where we fall short and what we need to do. Help us to turn our negatives into positives so others can get a good picture of how best to live. In Jesus name we pray, Amen.

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