Requests Fulfilled

In the two previous psalms, David had experienced prolonged difficulty with sorrow and helplessness. His enemies were evil and slanderous and he needed relief. To make his relief possible, he confesses his sin and goes to God in prayer. The experience described in verses 1-5 of Psalms 40 seem to fulfill David’s requests.

God’s Word gives strength, inner joy, and brings light to darkness. From this passage, we can learn to be patient and this should be our attitude when faced with stressful situations. In our spiritual lives, we might go through a drought but if we are patient, we can make it through and receive what is needed for us to flourish.

We need God always because there are just so many things outside our control but He’s big enough to make sure they work out for the best. We may never reach a point when we have all the answers but God does and we can go to Him in prayer.

This day with You Lord we are grateful for the examples in Your Word that help us in our lives. In today’s passage, we learned that the storms of life came upon David but he put down his anchor of hope. He turned to You, knocked on the door, opened it, and inside were the answers to his requests. Help us today to take this example and apply what we learn. In Jesus name we pray, Amen.

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