Clear Way to Victory

Today’s poem is about discovering the freedom in Christ Jesus and the clear way to victory that has been provided. It’s about receiving the hope as a believer to be righteous through the spirit. That when faith is expressed through love, then victory is assured. This poem inspires to take on this day with boldness, with determination, and to expect success because we have chosen the clear way to victory.

Step Ahead

Step Ahead with boldness
Going steadily
Forward with certain

In Christ Jesus,
We are forever free
And there is victory
For you and me.

As a believer
We are fearless
Because of the power
Of the Holy Spirit.

Faith is an action
With passion it draws
Giving it all for
An excellent cause.

Confidence grows
The more we believe
And a winning tradition
Will be achieved.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 02-28-2019

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