Respect for Customs and Traditions

In 1 Corinthians 11:1-16, Paul discusses the issue of head covering. The custom during the day of Paul was that women were to cover their heads for modesty reasons. They wore long hair and covered their heads in public to symbolize their submission and purity. On the other hand, it was not appropriate for a man to participate in public worship with something on his head (v. 4).

One has to wonder if these customs during the time of Paul have carried over to current times. It is interesting that most men in current times wear their hair shorter than women. Trends come and go. The 1960’s had many men with longer hair and even today, the fashion has come back a little with men having longer hair.

The thing we have to keep in mind is that people within a society expect a certain amount of respect. A person working for a company who interacts with customers may feel that some customers may be offended by a man with long hair therefore, they have set up rules for employees and length of hair.

We may not agree with many customs and traditions but it’s important to show respect to others and understand if it’s important to them, it’s important to us. It just makes good common sense. We are not independent from each other but are brothers and sisters in Christ.

Lord this day, we are grateful that You keep things simple for us. The gospel message has a beautiful and refreshing simplicity about it that sets us free and never lets us down.  Help us today to understand that You are the Way and with You by our side and people around us to support us, amazing things will happen. Amen.

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