Undivided Devotion

Reading in 1 Corinthians 7:25-40, Paul explains that a single person has undivided devotion to the Lord but a married person has a challenge because their interest are many times split between the Lord, their spouse, their children, and worldly affairs.

Paul urges us to use time wisely because the things of this earth are for the short term but the things of the Lord are long term. If we focus more on the Lord, then our earthly relationships will be strong. If we focus more on the Lord, then our earthly values are in tune with His and we can flourish.

Marriage brings on responsibilities like mortgages, raising children, chores around the house, and other concerns in life. We worry about paying our bills, washing the car, mowing the lawn, or passing a test when we need to be thinking more about God and how He is big enough to handle our challenges.

Even though being married has its challenges, there are great opportunities to do the Lord’s work. For example: we can lead in giving the blessing at dinner time or we can lead in a devotional time. This blog was started because I wanted a way to document thoughts for my family about God’s principles and how to apply them in life.

A daily devotional time internalizes His guiding principles and can become an instrument which pushes one to focus on Him in every activity throughout the day. In order to balance career, family, and devotion to the Lord, one must seek the Lord’s will in prayer.


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This day with You Lord, we have faith that You will handle our yesterdays and our tomorrows so we can simply concentrate on today. We are keeping our eyes on the ONE who can make all things possible. We are focused today on the main thing … what matters most which is being blessed by You with the gift of Your love through Christ. Amen


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