Love From Above

Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth. – Colossians 3:2 

The post “Undivided Devotion” was about Paul’s warnings to the Corinthian church about being separated from full devotion to God.  Marriage can cause this to happen because the things of this world become much more important when we are trying to pay the bills, raise children, do chores around the house, or put time into other concerns of life.

At the same time though, marriage and family relationships can give us opportunities to make an impact on our world in amazing ways. But it takes putting our attention on God and His presence. By putting Him first, the rest of our challenges in life work out.

Our Creator has unlimited resources and can handle our yesterdays and our tomorrows so we can simply concentrate on today. When we worship, we are giving God the one thing He can’t give us; our time.

During worship, we are expressing how valuable He is in our life. So give Him four minutes of your time today. Take in the information given in the song Fix My Eyes by King & Country. Keep your eyes on the ONE who can make all things possible. Be focused today on the main thing … what matters most and realize how you’ve been blessed with the gift of love from above.


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