Building Momentum

In the post Seek the Extraordinary Rather Than the Ordinary, there are important time savers that build momentum for each day and throughout your journey.

One example is how waiting time can be used productively by planning, reading for ideas, and making notes of ways to apply your faith.

Your notes become your own private store of wisdom and information that you can draw upon whenever you need it.

Know the truth about who you are because God thinks you’re “AWESOME”. He’s been refining you over the years to fulfill the purpose for which He has for you.

During times of worry or fear, believe that God is for you. Be encouraged by what He has done for you in Christ. For with God is love and with love is purpose and with purpose is courage.

When you truly believe that the Spirit is continually with you, then you boldly step ahead in new and adventurous ways. There is something … a strength you have that no one can do as well as you do. Think of ideas that use this strength of yours and never be surprised by its power.

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