Iron Sharpens Iron

Within Proverbs 27, cited are many types of associations we have throughout a lifetime including our relationship with friends, with family, with neighbors, or with a spouse. We also are involved with others at work and in some cases we come up against those who are against us.

Think of ways you can have right relationships with others. We all have certain God given personality strengths and weaknesses. With our strengths, we should refine them and share with others. With our weaknesses, we should be humble, listen, and be sharpened by others.

We may never be satisfied with our relationships but one relationship does satisfy and that is the relationship with our Lord. That is why it is so important to follow God’s Way and ask Him what He wants from us. Let Him handle what happened in the past. Let Him also handle our tomorrows so we can concentrate on today.

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This day with You Lord, the pathway you have set before us leads to that which is pure and good and lovely. Our relationships are very important. We ask for genuine friendships that help us along life’s path. Help us to interact with others in the right way so we are careful what we say, when we say it, and how we say it. Use our strengths so we can build others up. With our weaknesses, let us listen, be humble, and sharpened by others. Amen.


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