Joy and Excellence in the Future

Qualities like generosity, kindness, humility, and honesty are commended in Proverbs 28. To receive these qualities, we need patience and persistence. The first step is to fit into God’s plan for us. Keep going to Him in prayer to receive instructions, and be willing to obey His instructions by taking action on them on a daily basis.

Obeying the principles of God are the prerequisites for knowledge and mercy. If God is put in control of our life, there will be joy and excellence in the future. In this lifetime, things can get discouraging but we just need to hang in there, seek help, and keep plugging away. Many times in life, the greatest memories are not what we thought would bring the most fun but the times that we put in the extra effort which brought an unexpected great memory.

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This day with You Lord, help us to be honest with ourselves. We know that we fall short at times but You instruct with the “never give up” attitude so we can step ahead. When we think there is no hope, we can continue to dream big because Your grace continues to fill us up. Our faith continues to flow like a stream of water that eventually cuts into rock because we persistently believe You are big enough to cut into and go through the hard times in our life. Keep making us of good character so we can glorify You. Amen.


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