Sweet to Your Soul

Within Proverbs 24 is the saying that Honey taste sweet and like honey wisdom is sweet to your soul. Listen to and gain wisdom so your heart is filled with good and your soul is filled with hope for the future. This is of great value like a rare and beautiful treasure that continues to grow in value over time.

The goodness will overflow from your heart and come to light naturally as you walk the walk and talk the talk. This will be a great strength (v. 6). During a crisis, you will not give in to pressure but have poise and this will also demonstrate great strength. Claim the high purpose God has given and know that all things work together for the good.

There are rewards for those who keep God’s principles in their heart. Having the right priorities is so important and gaining the principles of God in your heart as top priority will lead to a remarkable destiny.

Be inspired by great leaders in history. Remember this commander who was thought to be a total failure as leader of an army but remained calm and fulfilled his purpose. His name was George Washington.

Think of companies that had initial problems in the beginning but never gave up before they had great success. Companies like Microsoft who had some problems with their systems at first but then came up with the Windows operating system.

Lord, this day we come to You with a grateful heart. Thankful for Your grace that keeps flowing in our heart filling us with continual hope for the future. Our faith can never be depleted but only grow over time and overflow as light to the world. Amen.

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