Integrate Faith with Lifestyle

The attitudes of the wise as explained in Proverbs 22:17 through 23 are to have concern for the weak, the needy, and helpless. The actions of the wise help rather than put more obstacles in their way. The wise are even tempered, honest, and disciplined. They follow instructions and are leaders that encourage others. They are good fathers, mothers, and diligent workers that lead others toward God’s way.

The Bible is God’s instruction manual on how to integrate faith with lifestyle. One idea for putting God’s instruction into practice is to integrate faith with lifestyle. Being able to mesh what one believes with what one does.

Another idea is to pray before retiring for the night. Pray for God’s will and seek to seal the deal. Try to look at tasks that are needed for tomorrow and visualize what needs to be done. Fill your mind with a picture of accomplishing the tasks before you.

Some days may not be perfect but this day with You Lord will be amazing if we put Your guidance into practice. Help us today to keep in step with Your Spirit by listening, by following, by believing, and by obeying. Open our minds today to take in Your instruction so it sinks into our heart and integrates with our lifestyle. We accept the power You give today because of Your love for us through Your Son Jesus Christ. Amen.


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