System of Wisdom

Explained in the passage Proverbs 7 is that wisdom should be close to us like a good friend, a brother, or sister. God’s words speak to us to provide a system of wisdom. The Holy Spirit flows from up high down to us in our current reality and we see His majesty. We can then take in the inspiration and rest in His holiness.

If wisdom is not close to us, impure thoughts that begin many times in wrong media like T. V., movies, and magazines will give us wrong directions that lead down the wrong path. Don’t fall into the trap. The best way is God’s way so enroll in God’s school of wisdom and apply this wisdom in life. The book of Proverbs is the text book to the course.

Stick to the instructions of God’s Word and build up a hedge of protection by guarding your heart and mind; keeping away from temptation and being aware of the tragic results. As the passage today advises, bind God’s teachings on your fingers and write them on the tablet of your heart. The benefits are freedom from the enemy’s traps.

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This day with You Lord, Your Word speak to us and helps us along the journey. Your Words pour down from up above like rain. We store them up as wisdom in the reservoir of our mind. Our growing faith can never dry up as the gospel message refreshes us daily with wise thoughts that inspire us to stay and rest in Your holiness. Amen.

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