Questions for Reflection for Study of Proverbs 7-12

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been sharing some thoughts brought out in the study of the book of Proverbs. This collection of writings urges conduct that expresses a person’s relationship with God in everyday situations. Throughout this book, we can find wisdom and instruction to help handle life situations.

Proverbs is like our google map on the journey of life. A lie the world tells us is to do things your way but the best way is to work with others, accept the help God gives in Christ, and accept the obvious as truth.

Call out to God each day for insight and understanding. The benefits are receiving the knowledge of God and being rewarded with understanding, protection, safety, and victory in life. There are some obstacles in today’s world because of the distractions, information overload, or the challenges of being able to discern factual information.

Just keep in mind that with God we can sincerely believe that each obstacle will be overcome and enthusiastically act upon each task until completion; celebrating progress throughout each day.

Our moves in live may not always line up with how God tells us to live but remember that the King of kings always has one more move before the game of life is over. The blood of Christ is the extra move God gives us for the path to victory. Then each day we can study God’s Word for continual cleaning. We can also hold each other accountable, share ideas, and encourage one another.

The mission of this blog is to bring out ways to better apply God’s Word in our life at work, at home, and within our neighborhoods. The questions for reflection for the study of Proverbs 7-12 below will help bring out some thoughts and ideas over the next few weeks.

The reading plan below will be used as I share over the next few posts. It’s important to have a plan. I’m thankful that Jesus is God’s plan for us and by accepting Him as Savior; we have taken the steps necessary to make this day with Him amazing!

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Questions for Reflection

Proverbs 7
What is the relationship you are to have with wisdom? What can you do to become wise? What are the benefits of wisdom?

Proverbs 8
To whom does wisdom appeal? In what ways do you need to keep wisdom’s ways today? Why?

Proverbs 9
Whom does the banquet of Wisdom call? Whom does the banquet of Folly call? What does each offer? What are the results? To what extent do you have wisdom and insight according to the definitions of verse 10?

Proverbs 10
What are the benefits of wisdom and righteousness? In what ways is your speech a fountain of life? How are wisdom and righteousness related to your life?

Proverbs 11
How are wickedness and righteousness manifested in everyday life? What do your actions reveal about the basic qualities of your life? How is a proverb in this passage related to your daily living?

Proverbs 12
In what areas of life is it evident that there is a difference between the intentions of the righteous and the wicked? How do the wise relate to others? How do fools relate to others? How should a person react to insults?


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1 Response to Questions for Reflection for Study of Proverbs 7-12

  1. chaddamitz says:

    Thanks for sharing Mark. I appreciate what you said here: “Just keep in mind that with God we can sincerely believe that each obstacle will be overcome and enthusiastically act upon each task until completion; celebrating progress throughout each day.” This statement reminds me that God is with me everyday. He will never leave me nor forsake me. Blessings!


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