Benefits of Wisdom

Reading in Proverbs 2, explained is that God’s part in each of us gaining wisdom are the instructions found in His word, His commands, and His Spirit. These resources of God provide a guide to life skills like faith, hope, courage, joy, and peace.

Our part in gaining wisdom is to apply these instructions and commands. To have a daily time of Bible study and prayer so we are in tune with the Spirit. Calling out for insight, understanding, and constantly storing up His principles in our heart as though they are more valuable than silver or hidden treasure.

If we do our part, the benefits are receiving the knowledge of God and being rewarded with understanding, protection, safety, and victory in life. There are some obstacles in today’s world because of the distractions, information overload, or the challenges of being able to discern factual information.

Just keep in mind that with God we can sincerely believe that each obstacle will be overcome and enthusiastically act upon each task until completion; celebrating progress throughout each day.

Lord we praise You today. We respect Your authority and accept the wisdom You offer in Your word. The time we spend with You in Bible study and prayer is very important as it brings power and direction in our life. Amen.

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