Ultimate Victory

Reading in Romans 8:31-39, we are given perspective to what is explained by Paul in the previous sections of Romans 8 about God’s grace and human suffering. That peace and life are for those who build up the Spirit rather than worldly treasure.

The Spirit will work in our life if we discover our purpose for which God has for us and respond with enthusiasm to fulfill that purpose. As Christians, we can defeat things that bring us down like fear, ridicule, lack of health, or even death. For faith in God’s resources, hope for a bright future, and the love of God that is in Christ leads us to victory. 

Our confidence for victory over problems and obstacles that cause despair and suffering stems from the fact that those who accept Christ as Savior are adopted as His children and led by the Spirit. We are co-heirs with Christ who share difficulties in order that we may also share in His glory. That hope will keep us looking forward to the ultimate victory laid out in today’s passage.

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This day with You Lord, we know You are for us because of Christ who has a foothold on our future. With Christ, we are more than conquerors even in a risky world of many problems and obstacles. We can overcome things like fear, ridicule, sickness, and even death. For this, we can praise Your name today. Amen.

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