Think and Go Far

I once heard a story about a tourist that stopped his car on a country road and asked a young boy “How far is it to Smithville?” “Well,” said the boy, “The way you are going, it’s about 24,996 miles, but if you turn around, it’s about four.” It’s important to put some thought into the direction you are going. This poem hopefully inspires your thoughts as you seek to go far with God today.

Step Ahead

Think about the direction
You would like to go
Even though many
Choose to forgo.

Without hesitation,
Seek suggestions
For your progression
In the right direction.

Leading to a place
You can rejoice
Because you thought
And made a choice

Your mind is capable
To think with the smartest;
To reason with the best
And go the farthest.

You can visualize,
You can imagine,
You can plan,
And take action.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 11-16-2017
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2 Responses to Think and Go Far

  1. Thanks for the great encouragement in your poem.

    Be blessed. God is with you.


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