Hope Gives Patience During Difficulty

Explained in Romans 8:18-25 is that suffering and glory are related because just as Christ went through suffering on the cross, we also have trials in life before there is brighter future filled with glory. Regardless of our circumstance, hope holds so much power as it keeps us looking forward to a better day.

Hope keeps us looking towards a better day when we are liberated from bondage and set free as God’s children. The glory to be revealed is the return of Christ when we then are fully relieved of our earthly trials and share in the future glory with Christ. A time when there are no more tears, no more pain, and no more fears. Our current trials are only temporary but our glory with Christ will last forever.

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This day with You Lord, the sun came up, a new day dawns, and we worship Your holy name until the evening comes. We have hope because of what Christ has done. Our guilt is erased, we are set free, our future is bright. This day as we examine our hopes and dreams, we ask that You take them to a level that we never dreamed of before. In Jesus name. Amen.

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