Instrument of Righteousness

Explained in Romans 6:12-23 is the need to consistently remain in a position of being with Christ. To make victory practical in your life, first understand what Christ has done for you. Pointed out in the passage is that Christians should offer themselves to God as an instrument of righteousness (v. 13).  A Christian is no longer under the law but under grace (v. 14).

Then, know that your will has a major role in deciding what has dominion over you. Recognize what tempts you. Is it your eyes that want to wonder, your ears that want to listen to gossip, or your tongue that wants to embellish or spread lies. If temptation knocks on your door, don’t let it in. Instead, send Jesus to the door.

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This day with You Lord, we will let Jesus answer the door because along the journey there are times we feel that we’ve lost our edge over what tempts us. Today, we are being honest and we now yield to You in order to be used as an instrument of righteousness. Affirm in us always that the Cross is a tangible witness that You are in control because the tomb is empty, we follow a risen Savior today, and the reward for the future is eternal life. Amen.

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