The Week Ahead

This week, we will continue the journey and share more thoughts from the study of Exodus 31 and 32.

Below are some questions for reflection:

Exodus 31
* Who does God choose to do His work? What added significance is given to the Sabbath (See 20:8-11)? What characteristics in your life reflect God’s creative activity and uniquely distinguishes you as one set apart by the Lord?

Exodus 32:1-14
* How long is Moses away? How do you respond when God’s actions seemed delayed? What are some ideas you can try when tempted to worship idols rather than the ONE true God?

Index of Devotionals


Believe that God has a great plan for you.

Victory starts by having a plan. By accepting God’s plan for us, all we need to do is follow and believe He will provide the power. He will give the upper hand to make what seems impossible possible.


Image Source

*Adeney, Carol. This Morning with God: A Daily Study Guide to the Entire Bible. Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity, 1978. Print.
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