The ONE Who Won

Reading in Joshua 23, Joshua was near the end of his life and reminded the leaders of Israel that the Lord was the ONE who won the battles for them and will continue to fight for them if they love the Lord, walk in His ways, and serve Him with all their heart and soul.

As a spiritual leader, the main task is to help others be devoted to God and His ways. We are to work hard to keep the enemy out of our lives. As Joshua shared in this passage, God gave them the victories and today He can bless us with more victories than all the grains of sand on earth.

There may be times when the deadline is approaching on a project, bills are due, or a major exam is coming up. There is no need to be in panic mode because with God on your side, you can have confidence that the challenges in life will be handled victoriously on a regular bases. These victories will build momentum for future weeks, months, and years.

This day with You Lord, we have confidence that You will fight for each of us and together our devotion may seem like just a little thing but little things will lead to bigger things and before long we will be on a steady course which leads to victories on a daily basis. Lord, the victory is for all who belong to Christ Jesus. Amen.  

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