When Life Falls Apart

Victory was given to the Israelites at the battle of Jericho but because Achan had taken the devoted things like silver, gold, cattle, and donkeys, God allowed all of Israel to be defeated at Ai, which was near Beth Aven to the east of Bethel.  Joshua faced this failure by going to God in prayer as explained in Joshua 7.

When God was with the Israelites, life was good like at Jericho. When they were separated, life was one big unexpected and demoralizing failure like the battle at Ai. This lesson can be applied in current times and fortunately there is a way for us to regain our favor when life falls apart.

Atonement was complicated back in the time of Joshua. The way to restore favor with God was not only the destruction of the stolen goods but also the stoning of Achan and his entire family (v. 25).

In today’s passage, we learned that one victory did not guarantee future victories for Joshua and his army. It’s the same for us in current times but fortunately the Cross has provided a straightforward route to victory.

Lord, this day we are grateful that Christ died for our sins and we don’t have to go through the type of atonement people had to go through during the time of Joshua. You have made the path back to You much easier so that our trials always can lead to triumphs. In Jesus name. Amen.  

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