Thankful for Evidence of His Existence

As the psalmist explains in Psalm 14, only a fool would refuse to pay attention to the evidence of God’s existence and not live by His truths. It’s hard to understand how a person seeing a brilliant sunrise or sunset does not believe in God. It’s hard to understand someone bathing in the warm sunshine or seeing a thunderstorm or seeing a beautiful rainbow painted in the sky not believing in God and being thankful.

But we know of atheist today that want to tell us that God’s not real. It’s not worth our time to pray and have Him in our thoughts. A world with “no knowledge” of God would not exist for long for it would soon come to its demise because of the corruption and dread.

This day with You Lord, we want to be the people that You restore on a daily basis. There may be rough days when we have doubts because of the growing immorality but there is hope because of You. We give thanks today because with You, we have purpose, we work together, and there is integrity. In Jesus name. Amen.

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