Dream and Discover

Many times, all it take is the courage to dream and new discoveries are made. Hope all your dreams come true and have a wonderful weekend my friends!

Step Ahead

Reaching for the stars
Certainly can be dicey
But new ideas result
In better days to be.

Dream about the possibilities
So opportunities are not missed.
To be all you can be,
Continue to persist.

Think of the discoveries
Made throughout the years.
Some made by accident
But opening new frontiers.

Those who discover
Can relate the unrelated.
Bringing together ideas
Not ever associated.

So use your imagination
To fulfill some need
Or accomplish a purpose
That helps all to exceed.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 10-27-2016
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Let us go back to the Purpose Tool Template at this Link. Click on the tab at the bottom labeled List of Dreams and use this to record any other dreams as you spend extra time dreaming and thinking about this list.

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