Never Too Late for a Clean Slate

A Questionable deed of our past will continue to interfere with our present to wear us down and consume our thoughts but by confessing; by leaving it on the Cross and beginning a clean slate we gain momentum for victory. This poem inspires us to let go of the past and step ahead by accepting the amazing grace of God.

Step Ahead

Questionable deeds
Of our sinful past.
Where does this lead
One may ask?

The thoughts of the past can
Put tremendous strain on us.
Leading to a life of chaos
That makes us go nuts.

To eventually consume us
With negative thoughts
And destroy potential;
Tie us up in knots.

But God knows all
That we have done
So He sent a Redeemer
So new life is begun.

So we can come clean
From all the sorrows
Of a regretful past
To better tomorrows.

From a hopeless life
That is turned around;
To a life of believing;
Receiving the crown.

Seeing the light
And being changed
By an amazing power
That is exchanged.

Through the blood of the Lamb;
Stepping ahead by confessing.
Accepting this new life in Christ
And receiving the blessing.

Leaving our uncertain past
On the old rugged Cross
And beginning a clean slate
That puts Him…

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2 Responses to Never Too Late for a Clean Slate

  1. Near the end of the recorded ministry of Paul the Pharisee, Paul repented of his false teaching that Jesus “abolished the Law” and that Paul was “not under the Law.”

    Paul was teaching “about Jesus from the Law of Moses and from the Prophets.” [Acts 28:24]

    It’s there in your Bible, see for yourself. So in spite of Paul disobeying God and going to Jerusalem, and in spite of all Paul’s false teaching in his letters, Paul repented late in life, and taught from “The Law of Moses and from the Prophets.”

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