Rely on His Word

Expressed in verse 1 of Psalm 12 is the unfaithfulness within humanity. Then in verses 2-4, discussed are other weaknesses like lying, deceit, and boastfulness. Be encouraged to trust in God’s Words rather than the words of the world. The words of the world can be deceptive, arrogant and show disrespect. The words of God encourage, affirm, and guide.

A while back, we went to the Miranda Lambert concert in Dallas. I had all the directions written down. What exits to take, street names, etc. but we got up there and were right in all the construction and nothing is labeled like the maps had instructed me. The exit numbers are way off and roads were being worked on or maybe didn’t even exist anymore so I couldn’t exit where I had planned.

The directions from the world are like that wrong road map I had. Things change and are no longer the correct direction and that’s when all that you are left with is ad-libbing. The plan at that point is just thrown out the window and the only thing left is just gut instincts and educated guessing.

With the source of all knowledge or God’s Word, the road map is always correct and trustworthy. The path is laid out to the destination. The world thinks it has the correct path but it differs from person to person. One expert will say “it is this way” and another will say “no, do it this way”.

Lord, this day with You, may our words be words that encourage, affirm, and guide because they are built upon Your solid instructions. Lord, this day may the words of our mouth, and the meditations of our heart, be pleasing to You, O Lord. Amen!

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8 Responses to Rely on His Word

  1. susieshy45 says:

    I think this is so good and correct. I was on so many wrong roads today- now I remembered that I hadn’t taken guidance from the Lord during my trip and tried to do things on my own. Talk about meandering.

  2. Mark Shields says:

    We can trust that the words of God encourage, affirm, and guide. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Alton Costa says:

    Amen, I’d rather obey God than men…

  4. Butch Dean says:

    Merry Christmas, Mark.


  6. Randy Mosier says:

    I live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. I know exactly what you mean, both from a literal perspective and a spiritual one! Merry Christmas!

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