We all want things to go our way but if our way is not God’s way then it leads to places we may not want to go.

Living the way Jesus teaches is following the right path; leading to meaningful places and making an impact on lives.

Here is a poem to inspire today as we step ahead with God’s plan, going His way, and bringing Him glory.

Step Ahead

We all want things
To go our way
But if not God’s way
Then is it okay?

Things in this world
Are sometimes built
Like a house of cards
What once flourished begins to wilt.

Deceivers lead themselves
And others down a path
Of troublesome times
And relentless wrath.

But one thing
Can be counted on
In the storms of life;
A clean slate, a new dawn.

With God there is a freedom
So we can live, give, and love.
A freedom that will speak and teach;
Laying out a clear path from above.

A new day where promises
Are built on the Truth.
Promises we can share;
Especially with our youth.

Making an impact on lives;
Providing a clear path to follow;
Living a live with integrity
So our purpose is never hollow.

Following the road laid out;
Knowing who to obey.
Being a good role model
And doing…

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