Inspiration For A Generation

In studying Genesis 26 a while back, one thought was about offering our children the way that brings victory for the future. As the pace now begins to pick up for the fall, this poem offers some inspiration for leading the younger generation towards the way of victory; a brighter outlook found in the Good News of God’s Word. Enjoy your weekend my friends!

Step Ahead

Problems have to be faced,
Priorities must be placed
So always put God first
And His power is dispersed.

Obey His commands;
And take on life’s demands.
Make sure His advice is desired
And do everything required.

To be blessed,
Give it your best;
Be sure to commit
And God can take it.

He can take something small;
Start to break down a wall
And turn even a problem
Into something awesome.

Have courage to face
Those that hold back the pace.
Instead, influence future generations
To stay away from temptations.

Influence toward the way
That brings victory each day
And to a brighter outlook
Found in the Good Book.

We owe it to those we love
To give the enemy a shove;
To be the best we can
And follow God’s plan.

Bring our proficiencies
And all our abilities
So He will bless
With great success.

Give future generations

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2 Responses to Inspiration For A Generation

  1. joseyphina says:

    Beautiful piece. God bless you for sharing!

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