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Questions for Reflection for Study of Luke 21-22

Reading and studying the past few weeks gave many important lessons that can be applied in how we live today. In Luke 19, Zacchaeus wanted to see Jesus so he took the initiative to climb a tree to get a … Continue reading

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Opportunities to Explain

As we step ahead on the path of our journey, there will be those who will try to put roadblocks in our way. Just like the post Stepping Ahead of Roadblocks when The Sadducees asked Jesus a question to try … Continue reading

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Stepping Ahead Of Roadblocks

The Sadducees only accepted a part of the scripture but rejected any scripture about resurrection and other powers of God such as angels and spirits (Acts 23:8). The basis of the Sadducees’ question to Jesus in Luke 20:27-47 is the … Continue reading

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Unstoppable Emotion

Originally posted on Step Ahead:
When love takes over, There is inspiration With much to look forward to And so much elation. Knowing there is a reward. An impetus to work hard; Making us feel high And the days just…

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Great Attributes of Christianity

In the post The Strategy to Trap Jesus, The answer Jesus gave to the question raised by the Pharisee spies demonstrated that Christianity is broad-minded. It is clear from the response of Jesus that Christianity respects the state and can … Continue reading

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