Matthew 19-20 Questions for Reflection

I’ve come to the end of my journey through Ezekiel; a book filled with much imagery and at times difficult to interpret but with teachings that are clear and of high value. Thanks for being there for me and holding me accountable to Bible study and sharing my thoughts. Each day with God is amazing because the Holy Spirit is with us; in our every activity, every conversation, every problem, and even every thought.

I’m looking forward now to continuing my journey through Matthew. I’ve posted some thoughts already in Matthew and made a separate page to log previous studies at this Link.  I’ve started my study now in Matthew 19 and will share over the next few posts the exceptional teaching ability of Jesus. Also, I’ll write about the importance of asking questions, trying to find answers to our questions, and that the cross answers all of them. Then I’ll post about what truly is rewarding in life and how God’s Word gives us step by step instructions to plan and build a meaningful life.

I think it will be interesting so stop back in over the next few post as I continue to share about my journey through the entire Bible. Anyone that is looking for a new Bible study guide is certainly welcome to join me on this journey. We’ll try to answer the questions below over the next few posts.

Matthew 19:1-15
Passage Lookup

Where does Jesus go now? What is the Pharisees’ test now? How does society in Jesus’ day regard children? 

Matthew 19:16-30
Passage Lookup

What is involved in the attainment of eternal life? Why? To what extent can having riches be reconciled with loving your neighbor as yourself? Why?

Matthew 20:1-16
Passage Lookup

What is the policy of reward in the kingdom of heaven? Why? What is implied about “working your way to heaven”? Why?

Matthew 20:17-34
Passage Lookup

What three experiences await Jesus in Jerusalem? How does Jesus practice what He preaches? Whom do you serve? Why?


The inspiration for this blog started a few years ago. To read more, please visit this link: Inspiration for This Day with God. Repeated day in and day out, I believe reading the Bible can result in long-term, far reaching benefits right now and of course for eternity.

My prayer is that the readings, questions above, and the experiences I go through this week will provide some good thoughts to share over the next few posts. I’m praying that the lessons will help not only me but all who read so we can apply them in our activities and conversation as we spend each day with God.

Resources and Supplementary Helps Used in Posts
First United Methodist Waco Podcast
Christ Notes
Adeney, Carol. This Morning with God. Downer Grove Illinois: InterVarsity Press, 1978
Family Times

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