Heaven’s Riches Are Far More Valuable Than Earthly Wealth

Jesus addresses the disciples in Luke 16:1-13 and the Pharisees overhear as Jesus tells the parable of the Shrewd Manager. A manager is accused of wasting the possessions of a rich man by being lax in collecting what is due from those who had done business with the rich man. The rich man then tells the manager that he no longer has a job. Knowing that his job was lost, the manager begins to collect the debt by offering deals with those who owed money. He offered to cut the debt owed if the debtors would go ahead and pay off their debt. The thinking was that he would gain friends who would help meet his needs once he lost his job.

The rich man commends the manager for planning out how to take care of himself in the future by gaining friends and creating opportunity. The manager may be known as the first debt consolidation manager of his time. Although not the most ethical act, he did show that he could plan, he showed that he could be creative, and he used his skills to provide for his future needs.

As we plan out our future, it would be wise to plan out how best to use the money, time, and talents God has given us. Keep in mind that heaven’s riches are far more valuable than earthly wealth. Put God as number one so that He is the Master and not your money. Love God more than things and ease your load by having God take care of the baggage.

This day with God will be amazing because our growing faith can never be taken away or depleted. Some might have all they need in this world but not be happy; constantly dreaming of better days ahead. The gospel message has a beautiful and refreshing simplicity about it that sets us free and never let us down. There is no need to try to escape this world because what we look forward to is to be in the Master’s presence.

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