Being Disciplined to Follow

Jesus teaches in Luke 14:25-35 how difficult it is to follow Him. Many may say they want to follow but do not consider the demands; giving up family life, giving up everything, the demands of daily carrying the cross, and being able to forget old ways of thinking for new ones. Jesus is explaining that being a disciple has a cost because nothing is more important than doing the Lord’s work.

There are several parables Jesus uses to explain the cost of being a disciple; being willing to follow anywhere, at any time, and at any price. The first parable is about someone building a large tower. Jesus tells them that before someone would start an endeavor like this, they would consider the cost so they could pay for it. The reason Jesus explains is that if they started but didn’t finish, they would be laughed at.

The second parable used was comparing discipleship to a king preparing to fight a war. Jesus tells them that the king would consider his chances for victory before he started because if he felt he might lose, he might negotiate a peace settlement. Relating this to life, we know that ultimately our life will be lost unless we surrender all to Jesus which brings ultimate victory in eternal life.

The third parable used by Jesus is comparing salt with our spiritual life. One must not be contaminated with the world view and lose Christian character but remain of high quality. We must not just talk the talk but we need to walk the walk. It’s all about hearing what to do and then applying this instruction in everything we do as we step ahead.

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