Humanity and Christianity

You and I are wonderfully made by a God who loves each of us so much that He sent His own Son to die on the cross for us. I wrote this poem after reflection on Genesis 4 about humanities fall in the Garden of Eden. This poem explains how we get back on track to a brighter future. So this day with God, let us be thankful for this victory on the cross. As we live, give, and love with help from above, let us follow His way and know everything will be okay. Have a wonderful weekend my friends!

Step Ahead

You are a miracle
Incredibly special
A miracle from birth
With such great worth

The language of God
Who we all applaud
Written out as DNA
What can we say?

To describe who we are
Designed to be a star
God made us all
For the long haul

He made us to be remarkable
And always to sparkle
Much more sophisticated
Than ever anticipated

More than an advanced machine
Or technological innovative thing
The human body is wonderfully made
By the ONE to whom we have prayed

He put us all together
But hold on to the tether
Because there was the fall
We were thrown a curve ball

In the account of Adam and Eve
Perfection is not achieved
Humanity got off track
The evil one attacks

But because of His Son
We are not done
With Him there is a choice
And we can all rejoice

Just own…

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