Being the Link to Connect the Power

After being expelled from Egypt, Abraham went up to the desert region called the Negev along with his wife Sarah and his nephew Lot. Explained in Genesis 13 is a problem with both Abraham and Lot being together. Both men had become wealthy with livestock and other possessions. They both had herders who had families to support and this required more land so Abraham and Lot were unable to stay together (v. 6).

Abraham is the one that suggested they separate. Lot looked around and saw that the land to the east along the Jordan was the most watered land. His choice revealed that he was perhaps self-centered and didn’t consult with the Lord before making decisions. He was more concerned about the best place for his cattle and livestock and not his family. He decided to live near the sinful city of Sodom.

On the other hand, Abraham demonstrated that he was concerned for the well-being of others and was willing to settle differences with Lot. He shows us the characteristics of a spiritual man; knowing he had made the wrong choice earlier when he went to Egypt but now repenting and deciding to separate from the world. Ever since he left Egypt, he made the choice to be ready for whatever the Lord had for him to do by first building an altar to the Lord near the great trees of Mamre at Hebron (v.18).

This day with God, let us take in this lesson from Abram about priorities and the willingness to work out problems head on without deception by humbly seeking unity and peace with Lot. As writers about faith, we can demonstrate these same characteristics; applying biblical principles and offering words of encouragement. We can be the link that connects the power of God to His people.

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About Mark Shields

Mark volunteers as a member of the media ministry team at his church. A few years ago, he started an on-line Bible study guide called “This Day with God Devotional”. He uses this as a tool in his journey through the Bible. We live in a very busy world with busy schedules so this tool has helped him continue with daily Bible reading and study. Each of the studies are designed to help apply our faith in the work place, at school, or at home. Join him on this journey or check in every so often to read his thoughts.
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