A Vision of the Holy City

As recorded in Revelation 21:9-21, an angel invites John to view the beautiful Holy City from way up high on a mountain top. Throughout the Bible, we find a relationship between the church and Christ and it is similar to the marriage between a husband and wife.

The subject of this vision is the church of God or Holy City which is the residence of all those written in the Lamb’s book of life. The community of faith is in a perfect victorious state which is sparkling and glorious in relation to Christ; which shows the happiness of the people with God in their permanent home.

There is a difference in this heavenly city when contrasted with our modern cities of today. The Holy city is made of precious stone with gold streets, gold buildings, and gates made of pearls. It is huge so to take in a large number of inhabitants. There is no fear because the power of God protects them from all evils and enemies. Everything is free because Christ has already paid the price.

In this vision, John gets a glimpse of heaven. The city derives its character directly from God. There is no sun because the light shines from God and outward even beyond the city (V. 23-24). What an amazing place as God’s light shines to illuminate the world.

This day with God, examine your hopes and dreams and let Him take them to a new level. On our own, we might spend our whole life trying to accumulate things of value but they are not near the worth of what God has in store for those who believe in His Son. Let us then, put our time into introducing people to our Savior so together, we can spend eternity in this beautiful place described in today’s passage.

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2 Responses to A Vision of the Holy City

  1. tbruns2278 says:

    A new heaven and a new earth! With God’s Glory as the light (no sun for light). What a great picture to meditate on today and put things in perspective. Good stuff.

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