The Woes

The three “woes” are written about in Revelation 9 as Christians have been raptured out of the world and are in the tribulation time which is the darkest and most trying of times in human history. The fifth angel sounds his trumpet and sends the first “woe”.

In the first woe, there is the unlocking of the Abyss from which smoke and locusts appear to cover the earth. The appearance and activities of the locusts described here are different than the insects we hear today on a hot summer night. The locusts described in today’s passage have a stinging capability like scorpions. The locusts were commanded to sting those who did not have the seal of God on their foreheads (v. 4).

The second woe is the release of four angels (demons) to kill a third of mankind (vv. 13-15). About a half of the world’s population would now be killed when taking the first two “woes” together but those left continued to worship their idols and demons.

A blogger I follow asks this question in a post about Revelation 9: Is this vision of John drawing us into the mystery of God. Is this a call to deepen our relationship with God? To read more, take a look at this link: revelation-9-all-hell-breaks-loose-in-woes.

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The Word of God softens our heart to make us more receptive to doing what He says. This day, we can stay focused on God’s presence. He’s not distant but near. He provides “woe” moments that get our attention on a daily basis; a brilliant sunrise that bathes us in warm sunshine or He may shout to us in a thunderstorm or paint a beautiful rainbow in the sky.

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