Let Us Praise Him

As written in Psalm 148, different aspects of the heavens are to praise God like the angels, moon, and stars. Various parts of the earth like sea creatures, weather, mountains, trees, animals, birds, and of course people are to praise God so He is exalted and gives strength to all creation.

The nature and order of creation indicates what God is like. A few words to describe Him are powerful, majestic, resourceful, and dependable. After studying this psalm, what can we praise God for? When we look up at the bright white stars at night or look out over a meadow of green countryside or the blue waters of an ocean during sunset, we can praise Him. We can praise Him in music, we can praise Him in art, we can praise Him in conversation with a friend, or in everything we do.

In Psalm 147:16, the overall picture I get is a peaceful winter scene like below.

Image Source

The white snow covers the ground and makes it look clean and pure but underneath it is cold and without life. Then, God’s word can thaw out the coldness of winter we feel inside and the Holy Spirit like the wind blowing during days of warmth stirring up the rains of spring can help us understand that it is God who truly reigns. We are then stirred like flowers of a field for new growth like the picture below.

Image Source

In Psalm 148, the overall picture I get is this relationship between God’s Word and things of nature. They both are His creation that provide principles we can learn from and apply in how we live. These principles can be studied and be used in how we put priority in what we do, in planning for how to go forward, and in helping us be inspired to step ahead.

About Mark Shields

Mark volunteers as a member of the media ministry team at his church. A few years ago, he started an on-line Bible study guide called “This Day with God Devotional”. He uses this as a tool in his journey through the Bible. We live in a very busy world with busy schedules so this tool has helped him continue with daily Bible reading and study. Each of the studies are designed to help apply our faith in the work place, at school, or at home. Join him on this journey or check in every so often to read his thoughts.
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4 Responses to Let Us Praise Him

  1. gracestartshere says:

    Great visual, powerful message. Thanks for the reminder Mr. Shields! God bless.

  2. Planting Potatoes says:

    amen….this is why we love living up here in the mountains so much! It is such a blessing to be able to live immersed in God’s creation…makes one feel closer to him!

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