Follow the Path Away from Corruption

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For a society to build up a resistance to corruption, we have to believe that small actions over time will build up to make major improvements. We have to look at corruption as the enemy and work together to identify this enemy in order to destroy its grip.

Reading in 2 Peter 2:10-22, we get a description of false teachers who had a grip on society during the time of Peter. They had behavior patterns that were slanderous, their message was empty, and they appealed to the lustful desires of sinful human nature. It is explained in the passage that their fate is not good for they will be destroyed and paid back for the harm they have produced.

Explained also in the passage is that the type of person affected by false teaching is the unstable; those who are taken in by the deceivers. Their own lust gains victory over them because accepting what the false teacher promises requires no effort. They simply continue with their negative habits and attitudes to receive what they want. On the other hand, righteousness requires effort.

The best idea to resist false teaching is to follow the path laid out in God’s Word. As presented in this reading, if we follow our own sinful desires, we become enslaved by whatever our flesh wants but if we submit our life to Christ, we become free. The Gospel message is the water of life that refreshes the soul for anyone who wants to be saved by our Lord Jesus.

This day with God, have confidence in the promise that hope will give optimism in a time of despair; faith will give courage in a time of doubt, and love will bring victory in a time of hate.

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