God’s Vision for His Creation – Sermon Message 01-05-2014

What is our mission? For Christians, it’s a life saving mission. It’s an adventurous and sometimes difficult mission. But it’s a mission that can change the world and we can take comfort in knowing that God is with us.

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Last Sunday at the church I attend, the message was titled “God’s Vision for His Creation”.  Pastor Steve brought the message to us with some great points in bold. In blue print below each point are some notes I took while listening.

To Discern Together God’s Vision for our Church and Community
In Philippians 1:1-2, Paul describes himself as a servant of Christ Jesus. As we discern our vision for the church we are a part of, we should have this servant attitude because this is how businesses, families, and a whole community thrive.

We are on a Mission from God
What business are we in as Christians? We are on a life saving business. No group, organization, or business has a more important purpose than the one God has given us in saving souls.

God Never Gives Up
As stated in Philippians 1:5, we are partners in spreading the Good News about Christ. It’s an adventure and we keep on offense until it is done.

It’s All About the “With God” Life
Everyone faces difficulty with health, business, relationships, etc. but as Jesus says in John 7:37-38, the Holy Spirit will be there to pull us through and supply the resources needed.

With God We Look Up, We Look In, and Move Out
As we look up to God, we not only change our own heart, but also start changing the world. That’s how hospitals started, organization like Salvation Army, new businesses form, and inventions are made.

Next weekend, Pastor Steve will bring the message “A With God Life”. If you are not able to attend your local church service (traveling, health condition, weather, etc), I invite you to this link of the podcast where you can listen/watch each sermon message.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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5 Responses to God’s Vision for His Creation – Sermon Message 01-05-2014


    You have provided us with a truly powerful and filling spiritual message my friend. Thank you for sharing and my the Lord’s peace be with you always.

  2. Rene Yoshi says:

    I really appreciate the point made that many hospitals, organizations, businesses and inventions we established by those who look up to God, believing He is the Master Creator. I have heard stories of how scientists have discovered things because they believe the Bible, while others refuse to believe the results of an experiment because they don’t.

    Concerning our most important purpose, I am reminded of a pastor asking me years ago what that purpose was. Of course, I said it was to evangelize or share the Gospel, and I was surprised when he said it wasn’t. Although sharing the Gospel is part of our purpose, it is only a part of the greater purpose which is to glorify God and delight in Him. I have seen people who try to convert others but don’t glorify God nor truly delight in Him, but those who do delight in Him can’t help but desire to glorify Him and share His Good News. 🙂

    • Mark Shields says:

      Yes, I thought that was a neat point with all the hospitals, organizations, businesses, and inventions that have been established by those who look up to God. Wanting to glorify God and delight in Him does inspire so many to change the world for the better. In so doing, many lives are impacted around the world. Thanks for sharing and may God bless your week!

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