One Reaps What They Sow

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We get evidence in 2 Chronicles 19 that even though Jehoshaphat had compromised his integrity by making an alliance with an evil king, there was some good found in him. He seemed to be concerned for his people because upon his return from war, he initiates a reformed justice system with God being a big part of society. The purpose was to turn people back to the Lord (V. 4).

What amazes me today in societies throughout the world is that the justice systems seem to have forgotten where the laws come from in the first place which is from the Ten Commandments. Now, many within societies don’t want these commandments to be displayed in public buildings; desiring to take God completely out of everything rather than including Him in every facet of life.

From the passage today, we find that Jehoshaphat reforms his kingdom to push this idea of including God in society. Any leader today of a company, organization, or group of people should understand that they will not lead forever. In building their legacy, they need to set up programs for the next generation.

There will come a time when they will have to step down and someone else will need to be prepared to take over. What to look for are people who plant seeds of integrity as a leader. Many may find short cuts to getting work done or stretch the truth to make themselves look good but it is the person who has the courage to be honest that deserves the reward.

Two thousand years ago Paul wrote to the church at Galatia about this same principle but with fewer words, “What you sow, so shall you reap” (Gal. 6:7). The attitude all should have toward their work is that it is a commission from God not only for the good of fellow man but also to give Him honor. This day , let us do all things to glorify Him.

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