Reaching New Heights

Reading in 2 Chronicles 19 and writing some thoughts yesterday, I noted that Jehoshaphat reformed the system of justice as he appointed judges of integrity. Justice, fairness, consideration, and cooperation shape societies of integrity for a future that reaches new heights.

I remember once when my daughter was in Kindergarten and they invited all Dads over for a few hours of flying kites. We went out into a field beside the school. In short time, I looked over and many could get their kites to fly but ours struggled. Then I looked at our kite and noticed the part that holds the wings together was not secure; the part that is in the shape of a cross. Once I secured this part of the kite, it immediately was lifted and flew high.

This day with God, I would like to say to you my friends that the part that holds us together is the Cross. Because of Christ dying on the Cross, we are lifted higher. Like the part of the kite in the shape of a cross, the integrity of the Cross secures all sides together and allows the power of the Holy Spirit to lift to new heights.

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4 Responses to Reaching New Heights

  1. I like that, Mark!
    Have a great weekend.


  2. I love the metaphor used here! Blessings!


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