The Bible

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Last week, we started our fall series “The Bible” at the church I worship. Here’s a video that opened our series last weekend: The Bible. The Bible mini-series on TV this past spring was very successful because there is a hunger for spiritual growth. We get a call on our cell phones or a text and we want to read it but do we as readily answer the call from God or read His text which is the Bible.

The following poem was inspired by last week’s sermon message: 

Faith IS 

Faith is continuing to believe
Even when I can’t see my way.
Let God Initiate instructions
He will not lead astray.

Faith is listening
When God is saying something.
Keep on listening and going.
God comes through – just keep on coming.

Faith is being sure
Of God’s assurance.
He gives us covenants
All we need is endurance.

Faith is obeying when
I don’t understand.
The Cross is one example
I know off hand.

Faith is persisting when
We want to quit.
God keeps His promise
We just need to commit.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 9-15-2013

At this link: Pastor’s Podcast, you can listen to each message. The podcast can also be used for Bible study material or small group discussion.

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7 Responses to The Bible

  1. Tom Bolton says:

    Thank you for your faithful posts.


  2. kdmanes says:

    Thank you for linking my post here. May God be glorified through our words.


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