Rewards of Worship

In my reading and study of Psalm 122, I found that the psalmist wants to explain to us the tremendous need for a place to worship. Some of the rewards of God include joy, peace, and prosperity. A time of worship is so rewarding because the lessons learned are so precious.

The Word of God, sermon messages, and music are filled with nuggets of gold. The New Testament is a collection of the most joyful books of the world. Like in the reading of Psalm 122 as the people would come to Jerusalem three times a year for festivals, we need to pause along the journey of life to celebrate progress and reward. They used these celebrations to build stepping stones to their future battles and so can we.

The simple things in life that God gives can brighten our life more than the great occasions that cost so much. We can continuously celebrate our Creator on a daily basis with each sunrise or sunset.  We can celebrate each season as the flowers appear in the countryside and the meadows become flush with new green grass. Millions of people hand over billions of dollars and much of their time each year on things that provide very little impact on their life. Yet, just a little time with God can have an effect on life beyond measure.

This day with God will be amazing if we just realize that we are blessed and others are blessed because of the impact of our faith. Here’s a video to praise and celebrate today: O Praise Him – David Crowder Band.


Shout for joy to the Lord, all the earth. Worship the Lord with gladness; come before Him with joyful songs. – Psalm 100:1-2

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3 Responses to Rewards of Worship

  1. billhogan77 says:

    Great reminder Mark! Worshipping Christ is not only free, but freeing!
    Be blessed!


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